Coach Tours

Coach tours are growing in popularity that has occurred for many reasons.

The first being price as travellers know beforehand what monies are required and it gives them control over their expenditure. All accommodation, airfares and your main meals and entrance fees are paid prior to the tour. The tour company can assist with visa’s and can obtain better deals for all aspects of the trip from flights, accommodation, meals and entrance fees. In particular you do not just save money, but also time, the most precious commodity of all. To be looked after in a foreign country is just so important and having the detailed itinerary with all the information dates and times prepared for you.

Importantly, an experienced tour guide will be able to help you and look after any problems you may have, or a health issue that may need assistance. Guides are a great assistance on local visits as they know the area well. Timing is so important in regard to visits as to what time to arrive at and the time the group will be picked up the opening times of major attractions you are visiting and parking.

Questions such as do they have WI-FI, coffee and tea facilities. What are the check in and out times. Meal times and location of the dining room and what meals included. Then you have to decide about what you wish to see and the time involved. Location opening and closing times transport there and back. In picking the right tour takes these decisions out of your hands so just sit back and enjoy.

Sage Travel has learnt through experience what a small group of mature people enjoy. At least four nights in the one location, no early starts or finishes to the daily excursions. Want to stay longer somewhere to see something special provided the group agrees and time allows it is often possible.

With a planned tour, you often enjoy access and experiences that would be denied if you travel alone. It adds to the enjoyment of travelling to have experienced people make all the arrangements and look after you.

Many new friends are made with the sharing of a tour with people that have similar interests as yourself. There are some Sage groups from ten years ago still meet once a year for lunch and catch up with each other.